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Archive for August 2014

Is your Water Heater Popping?

If your water heater is making popping sounds, don’t be alarmed. The popping noises are probably coming from mineral deposits that have built up in your tank. When your water is heating up, steam is produced at the deposits and popping noises ensue. This isn’t a big deal, so you don’t have to let it…

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Water Heaters and Earthquakes Don’t Mix

Where we live, we’re at a high risk for earthquakes. Seismologists tell us that we are vulnerable for another earthquake, and although we don’t know when this will happen, we must be prepared. We’ve been warned to earthquake-proof our homes, which includes securing top-heavy furniture, using straps to secure large appliances, keeping heavy storage on…

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SEER Ratings 101: Getting the Best from Your Air Conditioner

Let’s say you finally decided to invest in a decent cooling system for your home. How do you know if you’ve found an energy-efficient air conditioner? The exterior doesn’t necessary tell you. The price isn’t always an indication either, so how do you know that you’re getting a quality appliance? You have to look for…

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