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3 Plumbing Repair Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Drip, drip, drip. You’re getting ready to fall asleep and you hear it again—the small but persistent noise of a leaking tap. Yes, it’s a nuisance. Yes, you keep meaning to take a look at it, but there’s no time.

Is a dripping faucet really that big of a deal? Well—possibly. It may be a hint of other undetectable leaks in your plumbing. At the very least, it’s a waste of water and energy. What other signs might signal a need for plumbing repair?

1. Slow drains. This is a common problem, and although slow drains are generally fairly easy to fix, occasionally they mask a bigger problem, like tree roots or other debris in your sewer pipes. Your plumber take care of this with hydro jetting. 

2. Hidden leaks. Be proactive about your plumbing with professional leak detection—and check hidden places where a leak may be developing. Forewarned is forearmed if you want to prevent a disaster later. 

3. Water heater problems. How old is your water heater? Do you have it checked regularly? Don’t let a small problem shorten its life further—sign up for preventative maintenance for all your plumbing!

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