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How to Boost Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

When it comes to lowering your monthly bills, increasing the efficiency of your Edmonton heating and cooling system goes a long way. If you’d like to see lower utility bills, you might want to consider some of the following maintenance tips:

  • Cleaning Your System’s Coils: The functionality of your air conditioner depends largely on the state of the evaporator coils. If you’d like information on how to clean the coils yourself, or would rather have a professional do the job, contact Need A Plumber Canada.
  • Changing the Air Filter: One imperative part of maintaining your air conditioner is to change the air filter regularly. In fact, we recommend that you change your air filter once a month. This will not only increase your machine’s efficiency, but it will also do a lot to increase your home or building’s air quality as well.
  • Keeping Your Blinds Closed: While simple, closing all of the blinds before you leave for the day can have a great impact on increasing your air conditioner’s efficiency and lengthening its lifespan.
  • Shading Your Outdoor Unit: If you have an outdoor air conditioner, one thing you can do to increase its efficiency is to keep it shaded. In fact, doing so can increase your unit’s efficiency by ten percent!

Need A Plumber Canada knows that keeping an air conditioner efficient can make a big difference in a homeowner’s month-to-month payments. For this reason, we encourage all of our customers to stay active in maintenance and upkeep for their unit. As always, we are available to answer questions or provide guidance on how to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. If your unit needs servicing, but you are not sure what the problem is, simply schedule an appointment and one of our professionals will come take a look.