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Check Plumbing During Home Renovations

Spring and summer are the most popular times for remodeling, but home renovations of plumbing are often overlooked during the course of the job. Plumbers in Calgary should be called to inspect your pipes whenever a renovation is planned because it is much easier to access them when the walls, floors or fixtures are already removed. Taking care of a plumbing job in this fashion can save you time, money and trouble should the pipes break after the remodeling work is complete.

What to watch for during a pipe inspection
Plumbers in Calgary should be observed or interviewed to make sure they are performing adequate inspections. The first problem to check for during an inspection is a loss of water pressure in all locations with spouts. This can be accomplished easily, and, if a loss is occurring, it may indicate bad pipes.

Even if the water pressure is normal, a closer inspection of the pipes should be conducted. If any corrosion or damage is present, the pipes should be replaced. The following conditions also warrant the installation of replacement pipes:

  • Bends or malformations
  • Leaks
  • Mold

Pipes should be replaced if they are over 50 years old whether or not you have anomalies in your water pressure, or they should be replaced if they show obvious signs of wear.

Your Pipes May Need Replacing
A few decisions have to be made should you need to install new plumbing. One of the most important of these choices concerns the material for the pipes. Today, pipes can be made out of three materials:

  • Copper
  • PVC
  • PEX

While copper and PVC have been used successfully for decades, PEX is relatively new, and the jury is still out regarding its use in plumbing.

Another consideration is whether to do the job yourself or hire a plumber. If you choose to hire a plumber, you will want to make sure that he or she is qualified and has considerable experience. In addition, you should always get an estimate before any work is started.

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