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Easy Tips to Save Money on Furnace Repair

Furnace repairs are best when they are few and far between. The easiest way to save money on furnace repair in Calgary is to prevent it from happening! Of course, it’s highly unlikely your furnace will never have any problems—but if you follow these easy tips, your furnace will stay in good shape for much longer.

  • Remember to get regular furnace maintenance at least once a year. Twice a year or once every season would be even better, but most furnaces will be okay with an annual checkup. The best time to schedule this maintenance is before the weather starts getting really cold. Before winter hits, call your local Calgary furnace repair company to come and take a look!
  • One controversial piece of advice is to turn down your furnace during the night or while no one is home to save energy. Saving energy means lower heating costs, so that sounds good, right? But, some believe this causes your furnace to work “harder” to make up the difference when you turn it back up. However, this has been proven untrue. Letting your furnace take it easy once in a while is actually a good idea!
  • Another way to save on furnace repair in Calgary is to do some simple troubleshooting yourself. If you’re able to perform basic checks on your furnace—whether there’s a visible leak, a detectable odor, the pilot light has gone out — your furnace repair specialist won’t have to spend as much time diagnosing the problem. Of course, never attempt to perform repairs if you don’t have a clear understanding of the task. You could cause some real damage!

As always, NeedAPlumberCanada is standing by to help with any furnace repair questions or concerns you might have. We’re available all day (and all night) to help, so call us any time!