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Fed Up with Having to Hold the Handle to Flush the Toilet?

Problems in the Powder Room
Privacy is the name of the game when it comes to using the facilities. The last thing anyone wants is to draw attention and create a potentially embarrassing situation.
A properly operating toilet should flush with a quick flick of the trip lever, sending all the debris down the drain. If it doesn’t, you have a problem.

The Culprit
Most of the time, the mechanism inside toilet tanks that are in charge of releasing the water into the bowl are very simple parts called flappers. There are also other mechanisms that can be used but the flapper is by far the most common.
This part is comprised of a rubber or neoprene sealing plug with a chain attached.

The Problem
The flapper mechanism sometimes goes out of adjustment, wears out, or simply breaks. 

The Solution
This can usually be rectified with one of two ways: adjustment or replacement.

To adjust the unit is simple and requires no tools. First you ensure the flapper is in the closed position, resting on the tank opening. Next, reset the length of the chain so that it extends from the flapper to the trip lever with a slight bit of slack.

If you’re qualified and up to the task, replacing the unit requires you to simply remove the flapper by unhooking the rubber ears from the tabs that secure it in the tank. Then remove the chain from the trip lever. Discard the old flapper and chain and install the new unit by connecting the ears of the new flapper to the tabs and connecting the chain with a slight bit of slack. Now you’re done and the unit should be tested a few times and readjusted if necessary. 

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