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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating Unit Repair Work

When your heating unit goes out of commission, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Got some questions about your heating unit? Let some the experts on furnace repair in Calgary answer them here.

Question 1: Aren’t heating and cooling units the same machine?
In many cases, the heating and cooling units are indeed cased in the same frame, but they are two separate machines. They are each serviced separately and a problem with one doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the other.

What’s the most I’ll be paying to complete repairs?
It really depends on the type of repair and the severity of the problem, along with factors such as the location of the unit and whether it’s a packaged or separated unit. Chances are if your unit is 10-30 years old, you may be better off replacing it because you’ll only be looking at more repairs on the horizon. The average life span of an HVAC unit is approximately 20 years.

What can go wrong with my unit? How can I prevent it from happening?
The most common problems with heating units can include:
1. Strange noises – These can come from a bent fan blade, or a foreign object getting into the system, or even an animal that has made a nest seeking warmth. These can be prevented by keeping the unit area clear of debris such as leaves, storage clutter or toys.

2. Loss of power – The unit may not turn on at all, which indicates an electrical problem. Be sure all cables coming from the unit are intact and never go over them with a weed eater or other bladed object. Inspect the area regularly to be sure no damage is being done to the units or their attachments.

3. Odor – This problem occurs most frequently in humid climates where mildew is common. Most strange odors come from a filter needing to be changed, but sometimes small animals manage to gain access and can die or leave waste behind. Keeping all vents properly sealed around the edges and changing filters as often as indicated can prevent these issues – if you have a floor vent, be aware that food and other small objects can slip through and prevent it accordingly.

4. Not enough heat – If you are experiencing lower levels of heat from your unit than expected, it could be due to a blockage, or the unit not receiving enough power.
If any of these problems become your problem, you’ll want to contact Calgary’s most trusted plumbing/heating specialists. NeedAPlumberCanada is on call 24/7 so even if you lose heat at three in the morning, there will always be a friendly serviceman available to fix your furnace. The best part is there are no emergency fees, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra to get the best furnace repair Calgary can offer.