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Garage Heating Options

If you are like most homeowners in Calgary, garage heating is a serious issue. However, deciding on the best option for a Calgary furnace that is fit to heat your garage can be tricky. Heaters powered by some of the most effective fuels, such as propane and kerosene, release toxic fumes and require adequate ventilation, and running ducts from your home to the garage can be much too expensive. Among the most reliable garage heaters are those that burn natural gas, but once this choice is made, a decision must be made as to where the furnace should be located.

Alternatives to Natural Gas
Before you decide on a natural gas furnace, it is best to make sure that this is the right choice. Those who are on a budget may believe that kerosene or propane will work well, but adequate ventilation is rarely available in a garage. This necessitates having to leave the door or windows open, which lets in the cold, sleet or snow and renders the heater ineffective. In addition to requiring proper ventilation, these low-cost heaters are known for releasing excess water vapor into the air. This water vapor not only has the ability to create cold drafts but also to carry strong fumes from the burning fuel.

Types of Natural Gas Heaters
Two basic types of natural gas heaters are available for garage heating: forced-air heaters and infrared heaters. A forced air heater is not as expensive as an infrared heater, but it blows air throughout the garage, which can disrupt some types of projects. Infrared heaters are more expensive, but they are quiet and effective.

Choosing a Location
Once you decide upon natural gas for garage heating, it is critical to determine the best location for the heater. One of the most efficient locations is on the ceiling facing the garage door. The heating unit should be pivoted downward at a 45-degree angle to the door. This allows the warm air to roll off the garage door to the floor and rise up again to circulate throughout the room.

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