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Handling Pushy Water Heater Salespeople

Water heater scams are surprisingly common and can be quite believable for anyone who owns an older water heater. Certain scams involve Calgary water heater salespeople coming to your home, pretending to be from your current water heating company or non-salespeople looking for an opportunity to enter your home. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to avoid being the victim of one of these water heater scams—and the most important step is to be aware.

If a Calgary water heater salesperson comes to your home, ask for identification. Make sure that the person at your door is who he or she claims to be. Many water heater companies won’t send out representatives unless one has been requested. Even if the salesperson at your door seems to be affiliated with a reputable water heating company, never pay them at your home. Instead, ask for a place to pay online or whether you can pay after installation is complete.

Along the same lines, never sign any contract given to you by a salesperson without reading it thoroughly. Never show the person at the door your own identification or personal information before you’re absolutely sure that their business is legitimate. If you believe the person at your door is running water heater scams, ask them to leave your property immediately. If they do not, call the police. If you have conclusive evidence that they are running a scam, notify the police so that they won’t be able to scam others.

A great way to avoid water heater scams is to interact with a reputable plumbing company firsthand. Here at Need A Plumber Canada, we offer water heating maintenance and installation of Calgary water heaters you can trust. Be safe when dealing with salespeople, and remember to be cautious of anyone coming to your home without your request!