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Heat Gain Prevention Is Key to a Cool Summer

Instead of spending a lot of money on air conditioners and furnace repair Edmonton, you can help control the temperature inside your home this summer by implementing a plan for heat gain prevention. Put a few extra dollars in your pocket this year for summer vacation by passively preventing heat gain with the following ideas.

Trees and Shading
The best way to keep a home cool in the summer is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Unless you live at the base of a high cliff, this means that you will most likely have to establish your own shade. You can plant clinging vines on the sides of your home, large shrubberies near the outside walls or full-sized trees in your yard.

Light-Colored Paint
The easiest and most economical method of heat gain prevention is to ensure that your home is the proper color. White and light-colored paint will divert sunlight and the heat it creates while dark colors will absorb the heat of the sunlight.

Reflective Tiles
If you are like most homeowners in Alberta, your roof is probably protected with an overlapping layer of dark tiles. Instead of the standard tiles, reflective ones can be installed that will perform the same job as the white paint on your outside walls. If reflective tiles are too expensive, you may still be able to use a white latex coating made for rooftops.

Radiant Barriers and Insulation
Radiant barriers are also known as attic foil or foil insulation. This reflective material is installed just below the roof and can reduce the heat radiating into a home by up to 25 percent. In addition to insulating the roof, it is also helpful to fill in the holes in your walls and to use weather stripping around doors and windows.

Window Tints
Some heating and cooling experts claim that up to 40 percent of the heat in a home enters through the windows. Tinting your windows with reflective film will reduce the amount of heat that comes in through them.

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