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Having issues with Sewer being clogged

Dirt, grime, and waste don’t just “disappear” down the drain. As these things pile up, year after year, the drains in your kitchen or bathroom can become clogged and begin backing up into sinks, toilets, or showers. Since it is out of sight, a sewer clog is easy to put out of mind, but they can easily cause plumbing problems, water damage to homes and yards, and unpleasant odors. If you suspect a clogged sewer pipe, you need to call the Edmonton plumbers right away. Our well-trained plumbers will be on the scene quickly and can locate, diagnose, and repair the problem.

Some blockages can be removed with solvents off the shelf from a store, or you can even remove them by yourself. Regular maintenance and good drain practices (not washing hair, debris, or garbage down the drain) will help keep drains clean, too. However, professional care is sometimes called for. If drains become clogged again and again, you Need A Plumber Canada.

We use specialized cameras to survey drains and find blockages, and utilize highly-pressurized hoses to clear out clogs. If it’s a tricky sewer clog and needs extra time, don’t worry. Having a clogged drain is hassle enough for one day, without having to pay extra. At Need A Plumber Canada, we don’t believe in charging overtime fees. We’re here to clean out your drains, not your wallet. If you suspect there is a backed up drain in your hose, give us a call—night or day. Our 24-hour service can answer your questions and, if needed, have someone at your home to unclog problem spots in a jiffy. There’s no need to put up with a slow-draining sink, pooling water in your shower or yard, or a toilet that refuses to flush. When you need quality plumbing work, call Need A Plumber Canada, we promise to get sewage draining again in no time!

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