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Inspecting Your Water Heater

How often do you pay attention to the status of your water heater? Unless the container is rattling the floors or emitting the alarming sound of a train whistle (and hopefully, this is an exaggeration), most of us would forget that a water heater needs maintenance now and again. Luckily, there are quite a few tell-tale signs that can tell you if it’s been too long and your water heater needs to be checked or cleaned.

First, always remember to take an initial look at the installation date found on the exterior of the tank. This is an honest indicator of how old the heater is. Some tanks will not have that information provided, and if this is the case, the age of your home might provide a good estimate about the year in which the heater was manufactured. This is important, since the average longevity of a water heater is around 10-15 years. Once your tank starts approaching this age, you’ll want to think about having an inspection performed.

Common Problems:

Leaks are usually pretty obvious. If you find one, simply bring a flashlight to assess the damage. Take a look at the tray to determine whether there is still water. Make sure to check for mineral deposits, since this indicates dried-up water. Any sign of a leak will warrant the need for a Calgary plumber.

Watch out for odd rumbling noises and high pitched squealing coming from the machine—these also indicate problems that could be costing you money and damaging the heater.

Did You Know?

Adjusting the temperature of your water heater can save you money? You can fiddle with the thermostat until the heater is set to heat at a moderate temperature; not too hot, not too cold. This will prevent you from overusing your heater for things you don’t really need, as well as provide sufficient energy for your household needs. Excessive energy is not a good way to ensure the continued functionality of your heater- and it won’t look good on your energy bill, either.

If you suspect there is a serious problem with your water heater, call a Calgary plumber from Need A Plumber Canada today! When you work with us, your problems become ours, and we’ll work with you until they are solved.

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