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Preventing and Managing the Bother of Frozen Pipes

Temperature fluctuations in Calgary are drastic, distracting, and sometimes, frustrating. Winters here are cold. Not surprisingly, these temperature changes can also wreak havoc on the infrastructure of your home, particularly, your pipes. Unlike other elements which shrink when cooled, water expands in cold temperatures. And— as it’s technically a mineral— ice under pressure is extremely powerful and will shift anything in its way. Don’t let the force of a miniature glacier destroy your pipes, basement, and wall structure—prevent it!

Frozen pipes are a bother and a liability, but you can prevent a freeze or a leak by preparing every autumn by following some of these helpful tips and tricks from your local Calgary plumbers:

  1. Prepare garden hoses and outdoor faucets. After the fall season is over, remove any hoses from outdoor faucets. Turn all stop valves on outdoor faucets to a closed position and let any remaining water drain out.
  2. Insulate pipes which are exposed to the cold. These pipes may be in your basement, your garage, or on an exterior wall. If you won’t be using any pipe during the winter months, make sure to drain it.

If you’re here because one of your pipes has already frozen and you’re wondering how to take care of it call a professional plumber in Calgary from NeedAPlumberCanada. We’ve seen it all and know how to fix all plumbing problems quickly and efficiently, so your pipes and your life can get back to a normal flow.

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