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Shower Faucet Installation

If you have a few tools and a few handyperson skills, then you should consider replacing your shower faucet. The task is easier to complete during a bathroom-remodeling job, but with patience, you can complete the activity.

Valve Installation
The first step is to measure the area to purchase the right amount of copper pipe. You may need to buy it in sections with a male thread adapter. In addition, coat the male threads with pipe thread compound. To tighten the pipefittings, turn the pipe with your bare hands, and with a large adjustable wrench, complete the connection. However, only turn the wrench once or twice. In addition, confirm that the valve does not bulge out from the drywall because it will prevent you from properly sealing the faucet’s cover plate to the wall.

The next step is to attach the shower’s drop ear elbow to the riser pipe. You can solder these two sections together. To have more water pressure, consider making a 45-degree elbow and a 90-degree elbow with the connecting pipes. You should make the angles when you attach the supply lines to the valve body. Also, the supply lines will drop down about 2 feet from the bottom of the shower, and you’ll need to connect them to the shower’s fresh water lines, which should be underneath the tub floor.

Once you’ve installed and connected all of the supply pipes, be sure to test the shower for leaks with water pressure. It’s important to catch leaks before you conceal the pipes and install finishes like drywall and tile as leaks can cause immense water damage inside your home’s walls. If time is short, or if you need professional shower faucet installation assistance, then be sure to call Calgary plumbers like Need A Plumber Canada.

Help From Calgary Plumbers
Once you become a homeowner, at some point, you’re likely to require plumbing service. Fortunately, Need A Plumber Canada is in the area and has the experience to resolve a variety of plumbing problems including installation and repair. Furthermore, the company offers senior citizen discounts, VIP memberships and 24-hour service throughout the city. You’ll also appreciate that Need A Plumber Canada does not charge overtime rates and hires professional technicians.

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