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Small Water Leaks in Alberta Cause Major Problems

Small water leaks can cause major damage to your Calgary home or business, increase utility bills and cause unsafe conditions that could lead to accidents. In Alberta, it is especially important to deal with plumbing problems during the spring and summer when outdoor pipes might be involved in slow leaks. A Calgary plumbing company can prevent small problems from escalating.

Common small plumbing problems

Leaks around refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances might only occur when you operate the equipment, but even small leaks create wet floors that can cause severe injuries. The situation is especially dangerous for visitors who might be unaware of the leaks.

Other common problems include the following damages:

  • Bathtubs and showers could not only have slow, leaky faucets but also have leaks around tubs or enclosures.
  • A constantly running toilet can increase your water bill by a factor of five or six times the normal bill.
  • Water heaters only last 10 or 12 years before becoming vulnerable to leaks.
  • Clogged floor drains can cause backups, slick surfaces and injuries.
  • Small leaks cause mold, structural damage, musty smells and dangerous slips.

Take a proactive approach to plumbing leaks

A small leak can waste hundreds or thousands of gallons of water each month. Multiply one leak by the number of faucets in your home, and you get some idea of how important faucet maintenance can be. Handy people can change faucets, washers, seats and sinks, but trained and licensed plumbers do this work every day. Plumbers can locate damage quickly, repair problems competently and prevent inadvertently turning small malfunctions into large ones.

Calgary plumbing advice includes the following information:

  • Professional plumbers can identify small problems before they escalate.
  • Dealing with maintenance issues in warm weather will prevent costly problems in winter.
  • Trying to do plumbing work for yourself or friends could expose you to legal liability.

Plumbing problems and small water leaks could cause injuries, accidents, major repairs and inflated monthly utility bills. Consult NeedAPlumber Canada to help you with any Calgary plumbing company needs. The comprehensive consumer resource offers 24-hour service anywhere in the city, sends only qualified technicians and offers senior discounts and special VIP memberships for routine plumbing and maintenance services.

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