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Spring Cleaning for Ducts, Vents, and your Air Conditioning System

As the days grow longer and flowers begin to bloom, many of us are geared to take part in the tradition of spring cleaning. No one is quite sure when or how this phenomenon began—but we think it’s a smart idea to start the warmer seasons by getting ready for them. As you write down your own cleaning to-do list, don’t forget about parts of your home that, while never seen, need to be cleaned and inspected to ensure optimal performance.

We aren’t just talking about your pipes, either! It’s important to make sure that all your other vents, ducts, and channels are free from blockage. Check on any filters to make sure they are clean and allowing optimal flow. If your home has a dryer, check the vent to the outside to make sure it is properly disposing of lint and dirt.

Have an air conditioner? Likely, you’ll be using this a lot this summer to keep it cool. But if the coils aren’t clean, the machine won’t operate as coolly or efficiently as you need it to. During the winter months, dust and debris can sneak up into the coils and cause a hazard or malfunction—even if your machine is properly covered. In extreme circumstances, too much dirt, dust, and debris will shorten the life of your A/C by years.

Of course, our Calgary plumbers are always ready to help you plan and prepare and can effectively diagnose, repair, and clean any issue relating to your plumbing and HVAC. We’re the fastest and most efficient maintenance men around and are just one call away!