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Three Tips for Ensuring Water Heater Efficiency and Lower Bills

Heating water during long Calgary winters keeps energy bills high, but you can save money by scheduling regular maintenance with a professional plumber to generate better water heater efficiency. Water heaters typically only last for 10 to 12 years, and faulty units could cause severe injuries or even death. Inefficient water heaters increase water and energy bills, damage building infrastructure and generate the following safety risks:

  • Water leaks could cause dangerous falls.
  • Water temperatures that are set too high or faulty valves could generate enough steam pressure to cause an explosion capable of destroying a building.
  • Water heaters that use natural gas could cause carbon monoxide poisoning if gas leaks remain undetected.
  • Hot tap water causes more severe burns and deaths than any other injuries caused by hot liquids.

3 tips for water heater efficiency and lower energy bills
Regular maintenance of water heaters includes replacing older heaters, insulating pipes and heaters, controlling temperature and identifying heater, faucet and shower-head leaks.

1. Insulate water heaters and pipes
Water heaters heat and store water even when you don’t need hot water. Insulation of heaters and pipes minimizes standby loss of heat. Older water heaters often lack efficient insulation. If your tank feels warm to the touch, then it has poor insulation. Proper insulation could cut water heating bills by up to 50 percent.

2. Maintain proactive temperature control
Setting your heater to a lower temperature saves money and reduces the risks of steam-pressure explosions or burning skin under hot water taps. Calgary residents can save money by lowering water heater temperatures when going on vacation or getting away for a few days.

3. Fix water leaks to maximize hot water tank efficiency
Water heaters can leak around seams, valves and water connections. Losing water could damage your home, cause slippery floors and dangerous falls and raise water and energy bills. Leaks in hot water faucets also waste water and keep tanks heating more often to maintain temperature.

Leaks from faulty hot water tanks in Calgary
Hot water is critical for a high quality of life during bitter Calgary winters, and nothing beats a warm shower after working hard at shovelling snow and ice. Hot water tank Calgary maintenance services could prevent pressure explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe burns or falls on slick floors that are caused by leaky tanks. Need A Plumber Canada offers a convenient resource to find a qualified technician 24 hours a day in Calgary for all your plumbing needs including hot water tank installation and maintenance to ensure water heater efficiency. The company offers senior citizen discounts and VIP memberships, and all customers receive fast, efficient emergency service and reliable regular maintenance that prevents common plumbing problems from intensifying.

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