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Water Tanks in Edmonton Require Regular Maintenance

Your home’s hot water heater provides heated water for your sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machine. Since the appliance is responsible for maintaining the comfort and cleanliness of your home, be sure to maintain it as regular upkeep will likely extend its longevity.

Water heater maintenance

Water tanks in Edmonton require maintenance. Therefore, consider creating an upkeep schedule to ensure that you complete regular water heater maintenance. Confirm whether your hot water heater is gas or electric and then follow the proper instructions for turning off the power to the system. Be sure to check the unit’s pressure valve to confirm that it is working properly. To test the valve, shut off the water heater’s cold water. The next step is to pull the pressure valve switch out slightly and allow it to close. Listen to the sound that it makes as it should emit a gurgling noise or an air suctioning sound.

You should also flush the water heater tank about every six months. To flush the system, you’ll need to connect a hose to the appliance’s water drain. The next step is to turn on the water drain to discharge the water from the tank. Keep in mind that the water will empty gradually due to the pressure release valve. As the water leaves the water heater, it may be dirty from the debris and hard water deposits that have formed during the last few months. The draining process should take about 10 to 30 minutes.

Once the unit is drained, you will need to set a bucket below the water drain. Keep the pressure valve open and turn on the appliance’s water to flush out the remaining sediment. To maintain the water heater properly, allow several gallons of water to drain from the unit. When the water runs clean, you can refill the tank.

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