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Ways to Lower a Home’s Heating Costs

In many homes, the majority of the energy expenses go toward cooling and heating costs. In fact, for some homeowners, the high cost of heating can stress their utility budget. Today, you can decrease the money that you spend to heat and cool your home by implementing a few energy saving tips and investing in system upgrades.

Free Energy Saving Tips
Assess your personal temperature preferences, and consider keeping the thermostat a little lower in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer. If your home features a fireplace, then make sure that the damper remains closed when you aren’t using it. Curtains are a feature that can reduce your energy expenses. Be sure to keep them closed at night because they’ll keep your heated air inside. During the day, keep them open to let the sun’s rays inside to warm your home naturally. Also, review your home’s water heater and shift the water temperature to 49 or 50 degrees Celsius.

Maintenance Recommendations
In most homes, the ductwork and a lack of insulation are the two most common places where energy is lost. To prevent lost energy through your home’s ductwork, seal air leaks. You or your maintenance professional can use caulk to seal around areas that are likely to leak such as windows, plumbing pipes and doors. Furthermore, ductwork frequently leaks as it ages, so consider calling an energy professional to evaluate your home’s ductwork. An energy specialist can also assess your home’s insulation to confirm whether you need to upgrade it.

Furnace Upgrades
If your heating and cooling system is more than 10 years old, then you may consider upgrading the device. For the most efficient furnaces in Calgary, be sure to buy a heating unit that features an electric ignition as the mechanism makes the device up to 6 percent more efficient.

As you look at new furnaces in Calgary, you’ll find that you can buy a unit that resists corrosion, features pressure switches and has an insulated blower compartment to reduce operating noise.

Reliable Plumbing Service
Every homeowner should have the number of a reliable plumber who offers comprehensive services. For instance, Need A Plumber Canada provides 24-hour services across the city along with senior discounts and VIP memberships. Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind when a professional technician arrives to your home to resolve your plumbing problem.