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What You Need to Know About Calgary Trenchless Sewer Cleaning

If you think that having your pipes freeze or your toilet back up is bad, just imagine how bad it would be if it happened to the whole sewer line running to your house. Clogged sewage lines can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in damage and repair— but because the lines are blocked from direct view, it’s hard to know if a problem is starting and work to prevent it.

The good news? There are solutions that are affordable and efficient—and that don’t require you to dig up your entire lawn. As the plumbers Calgary trusts, we know how bad the problem can be and will bring you what you need to fix it before it gets worse. Here’s how to recognize that you need to call, and what we can do if a sewer line needs to be fixed.

If your sewer line is clogged, multiple drains in your home will experience back up. These include shower drains, sink drains, and toilets.

With new technology, we can fix the problem and restore proper draining capabilities to your home without having to dig up your front lawn to lay a new pipe. There are two ways we can do this.

Through trenchless pipe bursting, a Calgary plumber will use a machine to insert a new pipe within the old pipe. The old pipe will burst, leaving a new pipe in its place and restoring proper drain flow to your home.
A similar method called trenchless pipe relining doesn’t replace the pipe, but reinforces the inner walls of the old pipes with an epoxy like chemical that is reinforced with fiberglass. Essentially, this method uses the old pipe as a mold in which a new pipe is created. By creating one pipe within the walls of another pipe, flow can be restored to your home.

Call NeedAPlumberCanada in Calgary to take advantage of this superior service when your pipes back up! With one of the fastest response times in the industry and some of the most advanced technology available, we promise to get sewage draining again in no time!

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