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Calgary Hot Water Tank Service & Replacements

Keep the Hot Water Flowing with Water Heaters in Calgary Behind every hot shower, load of laundry, and dishwasher cycle is a hot water tank. Calgary residents might not really notice their water heaters until they stop working, and then the frustration and worry begins. Our company exists to bring you peace of mind and spare you that worry—that’s why we have a 24 hour service that you can always count on for a quick and reliable response. Our experienced technicians understand the intricate and potentially hazardous nature of water heaters, and they know how to solve every type of malfunction. We can inspect hot water tanks in Calgary, make repairs, or install a new replacement system altogether. Every result we deliver is geared for excellent performance and efficiency.

From the smallest oddity in your Calgary water tank’s performance to a complete break down, our technicians are trained to help. Some of the common problems that homeowners experience include no hot water, not enough hot water, a slow time for water to warm up after intense use, leaks, odd noises, valve issues, or bad smells. Because the lifespan of most water heaters is usually less than 20 years, many homeowners will experience an issue with their water heater at least once in their lifetime. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and attitude to swiftly handle any issues and keep the hot water flowing in your home. We also do inspections and maintenance to keep your water heater in a safe condition and running at its most energy-saving level. For all types of water heaters in Calgary, including tankless heaters that last more than 20 years, regular maintenance is the best way to increase the lifespan of your water heater. Sometimes, water heaters will have to be replaced, and we can take care of this too! No matter what type of Calgary hot water tank you have, our technicians are trained to repair, install, and replace any model out there. Some different types of water heaters are storage tanks, tankless, solar, and heat pumps. Some are heated by an electric source, and some are warmed by fuel. Each type has its different energy ratings, as well as pros and cons. It all comes down to function and having hot water. If you’re without a water heater in Calgary, our trucks are equipped with hot water tanks so that we can replace yours with a new one right away. All of our hot water tanks have a warranty. Need A Plumber is the company with the experience, integrity, and resources you can rely on, no matter the situation.