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Calgary Plumbers & Plumbing Specialists

Our plumbers in Calgary are renowned throughout the province of Alberta and are willing to bring superior service to homeowners and business managers throughout the area. When you work with one of our specialists, you aren’t just working with a plumber who can get the clog out of your drain or replace an old, worn out faucet; you are working with an expert on the stuff that goes on behind the walls of your home. Electricity, pipes, vents, and structural elements can all be found behind the drywall of buildings. Unfortunately, this can also mean that problems can begin without you even knowing about them.

Whether you’re in the middle of a plumbing emergency or just want to get your home prepared for the cold winter months, you can call us. We make your problems our priorities. We’ll be on-site as soon as possible—usually within a couple of hours of when you call.

Unlike other companies who only address the symptoms of the problem, we aim to treat the problem at its root—and have rooters, plungers, snakes, and all kinds of tools to help us achieve that goal. During each visit we make, we will assess not only the affected parts of the area, but perform diagnostic testing on related pipes and vents to make sure that no other damage is occurring or has occurred. We come prepared with everything that we could need stocked safely in our Need A Plumber van. If you’ve seen us around, you know that we are out in the world doing good. By preventing clogs and ensuring the clean, healthy flow of water through drainage systems, we take care of the people of Calgary. For this reason, we consider ourselves to be some of the best plumbers in Calgary. So, if you need Calgary plumbing services that you can rely on, Need A Plumber has got you covered. There is no problem that we haven’t seen. Whether you’re setting the pipes in your new home or are trying to fix the burst pipes of your old home, we can help you out! If you need to install a water heater—tankless or traditional—we can help with that, too!

Don’t bust a gasket—literally or figuratively! Call us today!