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Household plumbing problems affect thousands of people across Canada every day. Leaks and drain buildups are all too common, especially for how easy they can sometimes be to prevent. We at Need A Plumber Canada want to help educate our customers in basic plumbing maintenance so that their homes can stay problem-free for as long as possible without needing to call in a professional Edmonton plumber for extensive repairs. We are sensitive to the fact that Edmonton plumbing problems can cause a lot of damage to the rest of your home, resulting in thousands of dollars of floor and wall repairs—repairs that are greatly inconvenient to you and that are usually not within your carefully planned budget. Follow the ideas below to prevent possible extensive damage to your home and the resulting unnecessary expenses.

If your home has any steel plumbing pipes, you need to replace them with ABS, PEX, or have your drainage pipes relined. Getting your pipes relined prevents cracks from forming in your old pipes. This simple task can prevent leaking or burst pipes and can save you from future plumbing emergencies.

Many people have issues with drain clogs that cause messy backups in their home. If your kitchen sink is clogged from pouring grease or oils down the drain, flush boiling water down your sink for a couple of minutes to melt what has accumulated. This is a simple and fast way to save yourself the grief of a clogged kitchen drain. Your bathroom and shower drains can also easily become clogged from soap scum and hair. If you have one, use a wet/dry vacuum to help get out what has accumulated in your drain and prevent a drain backup.

If a plumbing problem occurs and you need to stop your home’s water supply quickly to prevent any further flooding and damage, turn off your main shutoff valve. It is a good idea to educate yourself and your family members on where this valve is in your home in the case of a flooding emergency. Turn off this valve, and immediately call your plumber in Edmonton to take care of your plumbing problems.

We hope that you never have serious problems with your plumbing in Edmonton, but if you do, know that we are available to assist you day or night to get your home’s plumbing running smoothly and problem-free again.