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grey maple leaf graphic Water Heaters

grey maple leaf graphic Water Heaters


Water Heater Service, Repair & Replacements across Alberta

There are things we take for granted in our homes, and the water heater is probably the greatest of these. A good-working water heater ensures that you have constant, reliable hot water at a consistent temperature. Your body is very sensitive to temperature change, so if the water temperature gets altered by only a few degrees you’ll be able to notice it. For this reason, your water heater should be reliable, and it deserves to be serviced regularly and replaced quickly if past its time. Usually the life span of a water heater tank ranges from 10 to 12 years. But in order to keep it going for a long time, it needs to be serviced on a yearly basis. Also, we proactively suggest that the tank requires replacement in every 10 to 12 years. Our technicians are trained to solve every problem with your water heater, from the smallest variation in temperatures to the complete breakdown of your system. Safety is also a big concern for our technicians.

Our Services

Our water heater services include:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Choose Need A Plumber Canada and put our team’s years of experience to work for you. Handling all types of hot water tank repair, replacement and routine servicing tasks, our team is committed to superior service in everything we do. We work on all models but we also carry brands like John Wood®, A O Smith® and Bradford White®. With no overtime rates, discounts for seniors and 24-hour, city-wide service, Need A Plumber Canada is the trusted source for water heater repairs and replacements across Alberta.

Types of Water Heaters We Offer

At Need A Plumber Canada, we offer a variety of water heaters that meet the needs of every user. We provide:

  • Atmospheric
    Atmospheric water heater possesses many advantages and is very simple to use. It has a reliable design, low maintenance and low repair cost. It is a perfect choice for every house.
  • Power Vented
    A power-vented heater does not require a vertical vent or chimney. It reduces operating cost and has a better recovery. These water heaters can be located in any area.
  • Power Direct Vented
    Power-direct-vented heater is the same as power-vented heater but here the water is heated by power of fuel combustion. It draws air from outside for combustion and results in lower water heating costs.
  • Electric
    An electric water heater requires no gas or venting. It can be placed in remote locations, which is a major beneficial factor.
  • Tankless
    If you have less space and are looking for a cost-effective water heater, tankless water heater is the perfect choice for you. It requires less space and endlessly provides hot water.

Our team will perform a multi-point system check on all hot water systems and can guarantee great performance and efficiency. There are many different models of water heaters, and our techs are trained on all of them, from the atmospheric style water heater to the super high-efficiency tankless models and everything in between. All our trucks are equipped with hot water tanks so that if you are without one, we have a replacement at the ready. Want to heat things back up again? Call our experts or book an appointment today.

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