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grey maple leaf graphic Edmonton

grey maple leaf graphic Edmonton


Edmonton Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Experts

18-10549 170 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4W2
(780) 469-4677
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Household plumbing problems affect thousands of people across Canada every day. Leaks and drain buildups are all too common, especially for how easy they can sometimes be to prevent. We at Need A Plumber Canada want to help educate our customers in basic plumbing maintenance so that their homes can stay problem-free for as long as possible without needing to call in a professional Edmonton plumber for extensive repairs. We are sensitive to the fact that Edmonton plumbing problems can cause a lot of damage to the rest of your home, resulting in thousands of dollars of floor and wall repairs—repairs that are greatly inconvenient to you and that are usually not within your carefully planned budget.

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In addition to providing maintenance services, Need A Plumber Canada also provides the following services throughout your home:

In such a busy world, we are always conscious of our customers’ time. Decades of experience has taught us the importance of having frequently used products on hand, helping us to be very efficient with our time and yours. Saving time is essential during a flood, sewer back-up, or any other plumbing emergency. Our trucks are GPS enabled so we’ll be able to locate you quickly, source out your problem, and bring things back to normal.

With remote credit card and debit terminals on each truck, paying for your plumbing services is a hassle-free experience.

4176-2919 49 Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2B 3J3

18-10549 170 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5P 4W2

7660 76 Street Close
Red Deer, Alberta
T4P 4G6

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